Donate Lab Equipment


Donate Lab Equipment
Dispose Laboratory Equipment

Recycle Computers 4 Cancer welcomes donations through the SMCAC. Please click on the PayPal Donation button below!

We thank you in advance!

Types of Lab Equipment we Accept

Autoclaves/Sterilizers Counters Gas Chromatographs
Balances Dispensers/Diluters Glassware/Labware
Baths Dryers/Dessicators Glove Boxes
Biohoods/Clean Benches Electrophoresis Heaters/Temp Controllers
Cell Disrupters/Harvesters Evaporators/Extractors Histology
Centrifuges Filters Hot Plates
Chromatography/FPLC Freeze Dryers Hotplate Stirrers/Hot Plates
Circulators Freezers/Ice Makers HPLC
Cold Traps/Tanks Fume Hoods Incubators
Integrators/Recorders Lab Furniture Meters
Microplate Readers Microscopes Microtomes/Cryostats
Mills/Grinders/Blenders Mixers/Stirrers Molecular Biology
Ovens/Furnaces PH Meters Pipettors
Power Supplies Presses Pumps
Reactors/Fermenters Recorders Refrigerators
Regulators Rockers/Rotators/Rollers Shakers
Spectrophotometers Testers/Analyzers Colorimeters
Titrators Ultraviolet Gear Vacuum Pumps
Viscometers Washers/Cleaners Water Purification
Mass Specs    

Why Donate Lab Equipment with us?

  • 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization
  • Helps in the fight against Cancer
  • We protect your personal Data
  • Keeps E-Waste out of Landfills
  • Free Pick Up in Eastern Mass
  • We pass on to less fortunate
  • IRS Recognized Tax Write Off
  • Professional Service & Staff
  • Drop Off Locations in MA

Donate Lab Equipment - Dispose Laboratory Equipment